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      Our News
      Our company is waiting for new sheep!!! NAME OF VESSEL - "ATIDAL"
      see more...

      tel: +963 43 310 428
      fax: +963 43 213 766
      mob: +963 933 244 677
      email: osman-g@aloola.sy
      Website: www.bjj8yg.com

      WELCOME to Our Website!
      We are the ship owner, shipping management, and import/export company at Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Red Sea. OSMAN GROUP COMPANY has very good reputation. the company has aquired that reputation by working honestly, having very good vessels, and having very experienced peaple who understand the work requirements. as we seek to grow and progress, our main purpose is to intensify our capability to achive the best results...
      About Us
      • Owner: Mustafa Ibrahim Osman.
      • Company Business: Shipping.
      • Main classification of the company: Export and Import.
      • Shipping area: mediterranean, Black Seaand Red Sea.